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book Desire and Gender in the Sonnet Tradition N. Distiller

book From Phenomenology to Thought, Errancy, and Desire: Essays in Honor of William J. Richardson, S.J. (Phaenomenologica) Springer

book Mapping Desire:Geog Sexuality David Bell

book Narrative Art and Poetry in the Books of Samuel: Vow and Desire : (Narrative Art and Poetry in the Books of Samuel) (Studia Semitica Neerlandica) Jan Fokkelman

book Sexuality and the Reading Encounter: Identity and Desire in Proust, Duras, Tournier, and Cixous Emma Wilson

book Victorian Keats: Manliness, Sexuality and Desire James Najarian

book Henry James and Homo-Erotic Desire Palgrave Macmillan

book Sordid Images: The Poetry of Masculine Desire Steve Clark

book The New Simonides: Contexts of Praise and Desire Oxford University Press

book Discourse, Desire, and Fantasy in Jurgen Habermas' Critical Theory (Studies in Philosophy) Kenneth MacKendrick

book Obscure Objects of Desire: Surrealism, Fetishism, and Politics Johanna Malt

book Desire for Control: Personality, Social, and Clinical Perspectives Jerry M. Burger

book Domestic Allegories of Political Desire: The Black Heroine's Text at the Turn of the Century Claudia Tate

book Sexual Justice: Democratic Citizenship and the Politics of Desire Morris B. Kaplan

book Gifts, Markets and Economies of Desire in Virginia Woolf K. Simpson

book Stardom: Industry of Desire Routledge

book Facing the Complexities of Women's Sexual Desire Vera S. Maass

book Theorizing Desire: From Freud to Feminism to Film Kristyn Gorton

book Value, Reality, and Desire Graham Oddie

book Thinking Without Desire: A First Philosophy of Law Panu Minkkinen

book Brutality and Desire: War and Sexuality in Europe's Twentieth Century (Genders and Sexualities in History) Palgrave Macmillan

book Reading the Brontë Body: Disease, Desire, and the Constraints of Culture Beth Torgerson

book States of Desire: Wilde, Yeats, Joyce, and the Irish Experiment Vicki Mahaffey

book Between Medieval Men: Male Friendship and Desire in Early Medieval English Literature David Clark

book The Making of Social Theory: Order, Reason, and Desire Anthony Thomson

book Walt Whitman and Modern Music: War, Desire, and the Trials of Nationhood (Border Crossings) Lawrence Kramer

book Art and Architecture in the Islamic Tradition: Aesthetics, Politics and Desire in Early Islam (Library of Modern Middle East Studies) Mohammed Hamdouni Alami

book The Rainbow of Desire: The Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy Augusto Boal

book Desire in the Renaissance Brand: Princeton University Press

book Law's Desire: Sexuality And The Limits Of Justice Carl Stychin

book The Flight from Desire: Augustine and Ovid to Chaucer (The New Middle Ages) Robert R. Edwards

book Feeding Desire: Fatness, Beauty and Sexuality Among a Saharan People Rebecca Popenoe

book Desire for Society: Children’s Knowledge as Social Imagination H.G. Furth

book Desire and Motivation in Indian Philosophy (Routledge Hindu Studies Series) Christopher G. Framarin

book Objects of Desire: Consumer Behaviour in Shopping Centre Choices C. Dennis

book Language, Desire and Theology: A Genealogy of the Will to Speak (Routledge Studies in Religion) Noëlle Vahanian

book Eros and Polis: Desire and Community in Greek Political Theory Paul W. Ludwig

book Dress, Distress and Desire: Clothing and the Female Body in Eighteenth-Century Literature Jennie Batchelor

book Representing Women and Female Desire From Arcadia to Jane Eyre Marea Mitchell

book 'Piers Plowman' and the Medieval Discourse of Desire (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature) Nicolette Zeeman

book Christianity and Sexuality in the Early Modern World: Regulating Desire, Reforming Practice (Christianity and Society in the Modern World) Merry Wiesner-Hanks

book God, the Mind's Desire: Reference, Reason and Christian Thinking (Cambridge Studies in Christian Doctrine) Paul D. Janz

book Consumerism in World History: The Global Transformation of Desire (Themes in World History) Peter Stearns

book Modernism, Memory, and Desire: T. S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf Gabrielle McIntire

book Race, Work, and Desire in American Literature, 1860-1930 (Cambridge Studies in American Literature and Culture) Michele Birnbaum

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