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book Perception-Action Cycle: Models, Architectures, and Hardware (Springer Series in Cognitive and Neural Systems) Springer

book The Psychophysics of Speech Perception (Nato Science Series D:) Brand: Springer

book Perception (SAGE Library of Cognitive and Experimental Psychology) SAGE Publications Ltd

book Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology, Sensation and Perception (Volume 1) Steven Yantis

book The Handbook of Medical Image Perception and Techniques Cambridge University Press

book The Analysis, Communication, and Perception of Risk (Advances in Risk Analysis) Springer

book Vowel Perception and Production (Oxford Psychology Series) B. S. Rosner

book Multisensory Object Perception in the Primate Brain Springer

book Consciousness: From Perception to Reflection in the History of Philosophy (Studies in the History of Philosophy of Mind) Heinamaa Sara Lahteenmaki

book Colour Perception: Mind and the Physical World Oxford University Press

book Outdoor Lighting: Physics, Vision and Perception Duco Schreuder

book Theories of Perception in Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy (Studies in the History of Philosophy of Mind) Simo Knuuttila

book Spatial Temporal Patterns for Action-Oriented Perception in Roving Robots (Cognitive Systems Monographs) Brand: Springer

book Perception and the Physical World: Psychological and Philosophical Issues in Perception Dieter Heyer

book Auditory Perception of Sound Sources (Springer Handbook of Auditory Research) Springer

book Pain and Touch (Handbook Of Perception And Cognition) Academic Press

book Basic Aspects of Hearing: Physiology and Perception (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology) Springer

book Auditory Cortex: Structural and functional bases of auditory perception L.M. Aitkin

book Perception and Control of Self-motion (Resources for Ecological Psychology) Psychology Press

book Hypothesis and Perception: The Roots of Scientific Method (Muirhead Library of Philosophy) (Volume 41) Harris Errol E

book Knowledge, Perception and Memory (Philosophical Studies Series) C. Ginet

book Visual Perception and Action in Sport Routledge

book Handbook of Child Psychology, Vol. 2: Cognition, Perception, and Language, 6th Edition (Volume 2) Wiley

book Cognitive Contributions to the Perception of Spatial and Temporal Events, Volume 129 (Advances in Psychology) Elsevier Science

book Pitch: Neural Coding and Perception (Springer Handbook of Auditory Research) Springer

book From Perception to Meaning: Image Schemas in Cognitive Linguistics (Cognitive Linguistics Research, 29) Mouton de Gruyter

book System Theories and A Priori Aspects of Perception, Volume 126 (Advances in Psychology) North Holland

book Direct Realism: A Study of Perception (Nijhoff International Philosophy Series) D. Gram

book The Eye and the Mind: Reflections on Perception and the Problem of Knowledge (Philosophical Studies Series) C. Landesman

book The Role of Medial Temporal Lobe in Memory and Perception: Evidence from Rats, Nonhuman Primates and Humans: A Special Issue of the Quarterly Journal ... of Experimental Psychology: Section B) Psychology Press

book The Brain from 25,000 Feet: High Level Explorations of Brain Complexity, Perception, Induction and Vagueness (Synthese Library) Mark Changizi

book Historical Roots of Cognitive Science: The Rise of a Cognitive Theory of Perception from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century (Synthese Library) Theo C. Meyering

book Memory and Brain Dynamics: Oscillations Integrating Attention, Perception, Learning, and Memory (Conceptual Advances in Brain Research) Erol Basar

book The Neurophysiological Bases of Auditory Perception Springer

book Personality and Person Perception Across Cultures Brand: Psychology Press

book Music Perception (Springer Handbook of Auditory Research) Springer

book Perceptual and Cognitive Development (Handbook Of Perception And Cognition) Academic Press

book Tasting and Smelling (Handbook of Perception and Cognition, Second Edition) Gary K Beauchamp

book Auditory Perception: An Analysis and Synthesis Richard M. Warren

book Outdoor Lighting: Physics, Vision and Perception Duco Schreuder

book Voice and Speech Quality Perception: Assessment and Evaluation (Signals and Communication Technology) Ute Jekosch

book Spatial Cognition, Spatial Perception: Mapping the Self and Space Brand: Cambridge University Press

book Visceral Perception: Understanding Internal Cognition (The Springer Series in Behavioral Psychophysiology and Medicine) Gyorgy Ádám

book Fundamentals of Sensory Perception Avi Chaudhuri

book Cross-Cultural Risk Perception: A Survey of Empirical Studies (Risk, Governance and Society) Brand: Springer

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