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book Novel and Romance 1700-1800 (Routledge Revivals): A Documentary Record (Volume 1) Ioan Williams

book Imperial Lyric: New Poetry and New Subjects in Early Modern Spain (Penn State Romance Studies) Leah Middlebrook

book The Hitchcock Romance: Love and Irony in Hitchcock's Films Lesley Brill

book Infinitive Constructions with Specified Subjects: A Syntactic Analysis of the Romance Languages (Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax) Guido Mensching

book The Romance Languages (Cambridge Language Surveys) Rebecca Posner

book The Medieval Greek Romance Roderick Beaton

book The Forest of Medieval Romance: Avernus, Broceliande, Arden Corinne J. Saunders

book Rousseau's Republican Romance Elizabeth Rose Wingrove

book North American Romance Writers Kay Mussell

book Spanish Comedies and Historical Contexts in the 1620s (Penn State Studies in Romance Literatures) William R. Blue

book The Annotated She: A Critical Edition of H. Rider Haggard's Victorian Romance (Visions (Bloomington, Ind.)) H. Rider Haggard

book Evolution and Revolution in Linguistic Theory: Studies in Honor of Carlos P. Otero (Georgetown Studies In Romance) Brand: Georgetown University Press

book Tense and Aspect in Romance Languages: Theoretical and applied perspectives (Studies in Bilingualism) John Benjamins Publishing Company

book National and Regional Trends in Romance Linguistics and Philology (Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [Tilsm]) De Gruyter Mouton

book The Romance of Italy and the English Political Imagination Maura O'Connor

book Modern Romance and Transformations of the Novel: The Gothic, Scott, Dickens Ian Duncan

book Modernism, Romance and the Fin de Siècle: Popular Fiction and British Culture Nicholas Daly

book The Beginnings of Medieval Romance: Fact and Fiction, 1150-1220 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature) D. H. Green

book Melusine, Medea, and Constance in Middle English Literature: Figures of Medieval Romance Misty Urban

book Medieval Romance and the Construction of Heterosexuality (The New Middle Ages) Louise M. Sylvester

book Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Romance Linguistics: Selected papers from the 34th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Salt ... 2004 (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory) Brand: John Benjamins Publishing Company

book Reading The Tale of Genji: Its Picture Scrolls, Texts and Romance Murakami Fuminobu, and Jeremy Tambling Edited by Richard Stanley-Baker

book The Riddle Of The Reluctant Rake (Zebra Regency Romance) by Patricia Veryan (2001-01-02) Patricia Veryan

book Li Chevaliers As Deus Espees: A Verse Romance from the Thirteenth Century Edwin Mellen Pr

book The Dialects of Italy (Romance Linguistics) Routledge

book Nasal Vowel Evolution in Romance (Oxford Linguistics) Rodney Sampson

book The Poetical Works of Robert Browning: Volume IV: Bells and Pomegranates VII-VIII (Dramatic Romances and Lyrics, Luria, A Soul's Tragedy) and ... Easter-Day (Oxford English Texts: Browning) Robert Browning

book Sibling Romance in American Fiction, 1835-1900 Emily E. VanDette

book Euripides, Freud, and the Romance of Belonging Victoria Pedrick

book Letters On Chivalry & Romance (Cultural Formations) (Volume 1) Thomas Warton

book John Skelton: The Critical Heritage (The Collected Critical Heritage : Medieval Romance) (Volume 34) Routledge

book Geoffrey Chaucer: The Critical Heritage Volume 2 1837-1933 (The Collected Critical Heritage : Medieval Romance) (Volume 16) Derek Brewer

book Edmund Spencer: The Critical Heritage (The Collected Critical Heritage : Medieval Romance) (Volume 14) Routledge

book The Cambridge History of the Romance Languages: Volume 1, Structures Cambridge University Press

book The Romance of Flamenca (Library of Medieval Literature) Brand: Routledge

book The Reluctant Rake (Zebra Regency Romance) by Jeanne Savery (2003-10-01) Jeanne Savery

book Understanding Genre and Medieval Romance K.S. Whetter

book Epic Romance: Homer to Milton Colin Burrow

book The Historical Romance (Popular Fictions Series) Helen Hughes

book The American Historical Romance (Cambridge Studies in American Literature and Culture) George Dekker

book The Verbal Complex in Romance: A Case Study in Grammatical Interfaces (Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics) Paola Monachesi

book The Faerie Queene and Middle English Romance: The Matter of Just Memory (Oxford English Monographs) Andrew King

book Consumerism, Romance and the Wedding Experience Sharon Boden

book A Unification of Morphology and Syntax: Investigations into Romance and Albanian Dialects (Routledge Leading Linguists) M. Rita Manzini

book Aspects of Gongora's 'Soledades' (Purdue University Monographs in Romance Languages) John R. Beverley

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